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These are mostly site of my friends or sites I like in particular. Notice the last couple are sites for products. I'm not getting paid to endorse them or anything (would be nice though) but I just like their stuff and thought people might be interested, particularily the phone card one. I just added the Dance, whiteboy, dance! link. If you haven't gotten an e-mail from me about it, you need to go to this site. It is hilarious. It takes a while to download but it's worth it.

Great T-Shirts

Dance, whiteboy, dance!

Beth's site (Beth Critchfield)

Josh's site

Maggie's Site

Debbie's Photo Page

Rodney's site

Interesting facts

The Onion

My School's site (WOSC!)

Sort of a urban legend site... it's cool

The Washington Post

Bio stuff (for me for school)

A site made by people who have too much time on their hands =)

This is where I got my awsome I Love Lucy checks. They have about everything.

Cheaper phone cards

This has a lot of funny jokes on it