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About Me

I'll be putting a pic or two on this page so it's not so boring, promise.

I'm finally 21!!! and I live in Ninnekah, OK. I like it a lot, very relaxed and quiet (unless Clayton is visiting). I work at Staples right now. I like the people I work with, just wish I could get some more hours. But you can't have everything. I started LPN school in December, and I love it.

Travis, my baby


Unfortunately I don't get to Hobart to visit Mom and Dad as often as I'd like, but I try to get there once a month or so if possible. But living here in Ninnekah I get to see Travis lots (especially considering we go to school together and work together).
If I'm not home I'm at school, work, or Clayton's. If I am home I'm probably cleaning or trying to teach Cartman how not to drive Mommy nuts. He's a slow learner, but he has mastered "sit". He's about 12 weeks old, but he got the sit thing down in about 5 minutes so hopefully everything else will go that quickly too. Wish me luck.