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You know what just happened? My tongue just threw a party for my mouth.
Summer trip

The summer of 2001, I went to Pennsylvania to visit my uncle. These are pictures we took when we went to NYC harbor to see fireworks on July 4th, and pictures I took when my cousin Christine took me to see Ellis Island, one of the places I've always wanted to go.

Me and Christine on the boat we took to NYC.

Me and Uncle Bob

I think this one's the actual Brooklyn Bridge. There are a few others now.

The first (and last) time I ever got to see the towers.

Of course, a storm hit on the way back. We're all "funned" out.

And now for Ellis Island


The ceiling was beautiful.

They had quotes form immigrants and such all over the place. They were neat.

Medical supplies. I think I'd rather not get sick.

This was on display in a bathroom. ??

This is one of my favorite pictures. When people were moving through, they wrote their names and stuff on the walls. The original walls have been covered up, but in some parts they had them showing through. If you look closely you can see where someone has traced their hand.


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