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To find the idiot in the room, yell "BOOMER" and wait...

This is how my hair was styled for the wedding

Hola! Guess what!? We finally had the wedding! Yup, my name last name has changed to Gardner. Still trying to get used to saying it and calling Travis my husband and such. The wedding was nice, and I was thrilled to see all my family. LOL and Travis's family behaved themselves so it worked out great. hehe

In case you haven't noticed, I change the name of my site periodically. If you can think of something interesting that I should change it to for a while, let me know. Always open to suggestions.



Daily Cartoon provided by Bravenet Daily Cartoon provided by Bravenet

What's New?

08/06/05 Updated the About Me page, added the Quotes page, and another link to my links page.

03/12/05 Added some more jokes on the Funny Page... hoping to get my camera developed soon so I can add some more pics.

11/17/04 Added the Pickup Page, put some more links on the Funny Page, and added cartoons here and there. You'll have to look at each page to see what has cartoons, I don't remember which ones do and don't.

11/16/04 Recently added the I Made a Funny Page, that has jokes and what not on it.


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